Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wolfeboro Summer Boarding School

Wolfeboro is a summer boarding school. Now that summer is qujckly coming up us, many parents are looking for a summer program. Summer boarding schools provide a unique opportunity to work with students both academically and provide enrichment activities leading to placement in a traditional boarding school or to those interested in college. Wolefboro is one of my favorite, summer programs simply because it has many boarding school components, yet this program has a very strong preparation for those students looking at fall admission through a summer program.

While most consultants are familar with Wolefboro, this unique program is in a setting which is similar to a camp program with students from China, India, as well as United Arab Emirates, among other countries. Presently, I have a student interested in a summer boarding school. Wolefboro is a perfect fit for this paarticular student offering ESL classes. Many students from India although they may be proficient in basic Engish, need help in writing and reading.

Dr. Joyce Ferris is the academic dean, We have spoken several occassions about the school, and what it has to offer. Dr. Ferris says, " some student who come to Wolfeboro, find the outdoor setting very different, but become quickly adjusted during the nine week program. Mr. Ed Cooper is the head of school and a perfect fit for Wolfeboro. This is a co educational boarding program, which has an entry level for fifth grader. Enrollment is for the full session only! Wolfboro admits student of any race, creed or background attend Wolfboro. A school which has international recognition in many countries, can be the best fit for students looking at a boarding school in the fall.

The application can be completed on line and is really very quick but length. A consultant working with a family would have to enter the information or have the information completed by the family, which includes:a three part profile of the student. Wolfeboro requires a B-2 visa which is actualy a tourist vias and many parents from outside the country can get this information from a consultant.

The first part of the application includes: providing the student's primary residence. Parent or legal guardians are also asked to fill information n the application on line. The other part is a secondary residence information which allows the consultant to be informed of the student and family as well as the school needs this information. The student profile is really to identify the core subject areas of the student and the relatively weak subject areas. Wolforo also needs to know the student study habits and its relevance to being at the school.

The non academic aspect of the program is discussed in the packet of information which can be sent to the family or consultant. The admission packet includes: out of school interest and hobbies and the type of friends the student might have. Many of the students attending Wolfeboro might be special needs students, but many are not. Wolfeboro can address the special needs of students, as well as formulate an individual plan for its students

While not all students are special needs students at Wolfeboro. There are many in student's who need help in English. The average student has classes which is small. This allows more 1:1 help by teachers and smaller class room size. We discussed with Dr. Ferris, the averge enrollment and size of classes, and our interest in placing a student who was coming from India. Dr. Ferris indicated " we have several students from India and "they were quite pleased with our program". Our interest was placing this student in the right school or program, not so much as he is from India.

Wolfeboro is designed for those students who might look for a school like Exeter Academy, Andover, or Cushing Academy. Wolfeboro wants to know the primary goal of being at the school, than just which is part of the application need to be completed. A consultant might ask a family several questions but they might provide this information voluntarily to the school. Many parents completing any application for a summer program, completes the application on line with a consultant, or even in person. Working with a consultant helps to avoid mistakes. On a historical note, let me share with you how Wolfeboro begin.

Wolfeboro was purchased by George Robins, a teacher from the Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. In 1977 the school as established as a non profit school. Classes are designed to improve, review and develop the essential skills in lagging subjects. While a summer program was added to be non academic program it later became both.

The ESL English as a Second Language program is designed to help students who need assistance in learning to read and write in English. The do have a significant amount of students from China. This makes a a good fit for an international student or a student or those native born but has limited command of English. Tuition is not listed on the web site, but my information fo the current fees at Wolfboro have increased. The New England Boarding School tour will soon come again in winter, and this will be on my agenda to attend this tour.